Destination Wedding Preparation Tips And Hints

16 Nov

This short article will help you if you’re making plans for a destination wedding – visit our website if you’d like to find a singapore photography to take along with you on the journey.

Planning a wedding is not so easy at all. This is often particularly so when you are hoping to have hundreds of guests. in attendance. The point is that, it is not the marriage ceremony that might cause you troubles, but the planning.

You should realize that if you are the bride-to-be, your principal concern isn’t just all about your wedding gown. There remain many things you need to think about like your wedding destination.

Where To Stay

Among the most important matters that you must take into account when planning your wedding destination is the hotel accommodation. This is definitely important particularly if you’re expecting guests from distant places. It’ll be important to see to it that they’ll have somewhere to stay for the length of the wedding and reception. As the wedding’s host, you can opt to supply them zero cost accommodation or you can have them pay themselves.

The hotel accommodation will significantly eat up a substantial chunk of the wedding budget. Therefore, it’s advisable to look at this early in your planning. If you choose to offer free hotel rooms to the guests, it is important to confirm precise attendance numbers. This is to help you determine the number of people who need accommodation.

The Wedding Venue

After the ceremony has finished it’s expected that the wedding reception will follow. In the event that you have a hundred guests, then it will be vital that you have an organized reception venue. First, you must ensure the venue is large enough to accommodate your guests. A hundred guests will certainly fit in the function room of a hotel. It can be possible to have the wedding reception at the same place where you housed the guests. This will actually save you money and time. The fact is that, the majority of good hotels can provide you with huge savings by doing this.

There are hotels that could offer lower prices for certain wedding events. For instance, they might give you 30% discount on the room bookings if you book their function hall as the reception venue. Other added benefits can also be offered such as the best suite for the newly weds.

Furthermore, having the wedding reception in the same hotel where you have accommodated your family and friends will also make it extremely convenient for them.

There is little question that planning your destination wedding is a genuine challenge. However, it can also be exciting when you understand all the points to consider so as to make the occasion a memorable one for you and your guests.


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